IQsocket mobile

IQsocket mobile is Intelligent power GSM switch with premium features. GSM switch was designed to control appliances remotely by any phone, tablet or computer in smart homes, small offices or weekend cottages. Easily over SMS, phonecall or Bluetooth.


  • Turn on / off, switch, delayed switch, restart
  • On event power switching
  • Control by mobile phone, tablet or PC
  • Power outage monitoring
  • Built in thermostat
  • External sensors suport
  • FULL LICENCE INCLUDED from year  2021! You can use all functions now for this perfect price.

Typical solutions

Let’s imagine : you are coming to your weekend cottage and wishing to turn on heating just before arrival | you home or office is under power outage and you need to be informed | it’s -5º Celsius and your wireless device on 35m tower just died and has to be restarted | your server is facing power outage and you wish to know about it | Temperature passed over +40º Celsius an cooling has to be turned on.

Do you still think you don’t need IQsocket power switching SOLUTION?

Access from everywhere

Intelligent power switch can be simply controlled remotely by traditional phone, mobile phone , smartphone, tablet or traditional PC. Socket controlled by SMS, voice navigated phonecall, mobile phone comfortable application SMS based or Bluetooth enabled PC.


Power status, power outage, sensor generated events and other alarms are processed by IQsocket and generate triggered alarms to notify you about configured events and run appropriate actions right after.

Control different ways

Intelligent socket can be controlled remotely by user, by built-in scheduler or on event. Power control consist of many optionable actions such as: turn on/off, switch, turn on/off for configured seconds, delayed turn on/off, actions scheduling and more.

Expandable with sensors

Power controller support many optional sensors to monitor their status and generate alarms on pre-configured events. Supported are external sensors like temperature / humidity / pressure / motion / smoke / gas detectors / door switch and more.

Flexible upgrade path

Instead of having many different – but similar models with different features and purpose of use, we designed powerful and multi functional product which can be upgraded for different application simply by software license. IQsocket mobile is one of them. You can buy product with basic license and start using it for simple applications and upgrade later without need to buy new one-purpose product. Simply by ordering upgrade license for a ridiculous price.

Technical parameters

Input power socket 90 – 250V / 50Hz
Power consumption 3W
Output power socket 230V / 16A / 50Hz, switching relay 30A
Data interfaces GSM standard SIM, Bluetooth 2.0, IQbus
Control and configuration SMS or
Bluetooth and IQcontrol software
Indicators POWER: two color LED
GSM: green LED
GSM Quad band 850 / 900 / 1800 /1900 MHz
SIM Plug-in 3V
Dimensions 140 x 65 x 55/92 mm
Weight 200g
Antenna included – external 1dBi, SMA female connector
Operation temperature -10 to +50°C
Operation humidity max.80%
Backup battery >1000000 cycles at 25°C, 1000 hours over 50°C

Product features

  • turn on / off, switch, delayed turn on / off
  • control by SMS, call or over Bluetooth
  • +control manually by button or on event
  • power outage / restore detection
  • digital input – temperature, pressure, humidity and other sensors
  • thermostat feature
  • more than 14 alarms
  • jamming detection
  • more than 12 alarm numbers, event configurable
  • scheduler, more than 30 actions
  • log of all event
  • voice selfservice
  • bluetooth or SMS configuration
  • one admin password and 1000 user numbers
  • text commands and repsonses configurable
  • configuration backups, logs download
  • user numbers uploadable
  • firmware upgrade over BT
  • option to change SMS user rights
  • SMS control by Internet gateways
  • device statuses over GPRS:TCP/UDP.
  • integrated HELP
  • ANDROID and Windows software for configuration and monitoring
  • connector for external GSM antenna
  • more commands within one SMS
  • more actions on incoming call


IQsocket product family uses following ordering code system:

X is electric standard of socket/plug: F=Schuko , E=French, G=British, B=USA, I-Australia/New Zealand, J-Switzerland, L-Italy, A-Japan, North America

Control software for Android on Google Play – IQcontrol

Sample of Voice navigated message #1

Sample of Voice navigated message #2

Sample of Voice navigated message #3