LAN IP Weather Station

IQWS-4000 is a Ethernet IP LAN weather station with STORM detector UV factor and embedded WEB server. Supported M2M communication protocols include SNMP, UDP and HTTP get. Unique features include:
● M2M protocol compatibility with previous model GIOM 3000 ● Compact size and clean design (IQtronic proprietary TCPIP stack) ● High sensors accuracy ● Passive Power over Ethernet (PoE) with LED indication and up to 48V range with class A surge protection ● Reset to Default button ● Detachable sunshield of TH sensor ● Modern, simple and responsible WEB user interface.
Measured quantities:
Wind speed – instantaneous, average and gust ● Wind direction ● Beaufort ● Windchill ● Humidity – relative, absolute ● Dewpoint ● Absolute or relative pressure ● Sunlight intensity ● UV factor ● Lightning strikes distance detector with last event logging including time.

Sales price: 190 €