GSM licensing

Product licences

IQtronic introduced licensing for GSM based products in September 2015 to simplify product portfolio to few models, but keep option of advanced product features. Advanced features was developed for IT professionals who need to provide specialized solutions for individual customers.

All IQtronic GSM based products includes basic license (Base) which is suitable for most of consumers. For advanced consumers / technicians or IT professionals we provide upgrade option as listed in next table. Upgrading process is very easy for consumers, resellers or distributors.

Base Medium Full
  • power control actions
  • informative messages
  • basic security
  • basic alarms
  • basic log
  • +advanced security
  • +full user management
  • +scheduling
  • +thermostat
  • +advanced alarms
  • +triggers
  • +IP data communication

Detailed description of feature groups and SMS commands with appropriate licensing levels:

IQsocket mobile (IQTS-GS300)

IQconbox mobile (IQTD-GS400)

Upgrade is realized directly by consumer or reseller, upgrading process is easy. License upgrade pricing is listed in actual IQtronic pricelist.

It’s up to you if you decide to distribute / sell products with Base license or you make decision with three submodels – each with different integrated license in your e-commerce system.

Advantage of licensing

  • price optimized product with basic features
  • value added products for IT professionals by simple upgrade
  • no need to buy new specialized product in need of additional features
  • minimal license upgrade fee
  • product’s variability
  • new versions of product software are free of charge

How to upgrade?

For upgrading your IQtronic GSM product you need to have licence key. If you don’t have any, contact your distributor/reseller. You can also order license key from IQtronic.

Each licence key is binded with IMEI code, so cannot be applied to different piece of product.

There are two ways how to upgrade Licence:

1. send following SMS command over GSM into device:

2. (easier way – license key copied and pasted) Use PC and Bluetooth IQcontrol Suite for windows and send over Bluetooth:
Activate Bluetooth on your PC, install IQcontrol Suite and click: IQcontrol button > Connect > select from BT devices IQsocketxxxx > Enter PIN=0000 > OK
Now you can send SMS commands over BT interface: license=licensekey
you should receive SMS confirmation right after with text “license ok”
If bad or corrupted license is entered, device is blocked for 6 minutes. It’s protection.