IQsocket LAN+GSM

IQsocket LAN+GSM is smart power switch designed for service providers, small office and home applications. Power controller was designed to control appliances remotely using by any mobile phone, smartphone, tablet or computer. Easily over web browser, SMS or by phonecall.


  • Turn on / off, restart
  • Integrated 4G GSM module
  • Scheduled power control
  • On event power control
  • Control over WEB browser and SMS
  • Power outage monitoring
  • IP watchdog and SMS PING diagnostics


IQsocket LAN+GSM monitor input power outage and send alerts to preconfigured numbers by SMS. If IP watchdog feature is used, it can perform server,  network router or any IP device connectivity tests using by complex ping rules to identify any connection problems and notify network operators by SMS about network event.

Full power control

I case of negative networking event or network node freezing, socket output power can be interrupted for a while for controlled device. Device or set of devices will reboot and problem is usually fixed. Network operator can restart power or power off/on remotely in any troubleshooting situation over SMS or WEB interface.  SMS control is ideal for situations when IP network is down, so operator still has always power under control.

Typical applications

IQsocket LAN+GSM is ideal soluion for mission critical hardware applications for service providers like Internet service providers, surveillance applications and other. Especially those where remote power control and basic remote network diagnostic is extremely important. Situations like GSM or IP network or it’s part is down, remote server  stopped responding and more. With IQsocket LAN+GSM you can be sure to fully control power over GSM network if IP network is down or over IP network if GSM network is down.

Technical parameters

Input power socket 90 – 240V / 50Hz
Power consumption 3W
Output power socket 230V / 16A / 50Hz, switching relay 30A
Data interfaces Ethernet 10BaseT, RJ-45 UTP;
Quad band 850 / 900 / 1800 /1900 MHz, Standard SIM 2FF Plug-in 3V, SMAf connector, 1dBi basic external antenna
Control HW button, Internet browser, SMS, by call
Configuration Internet browser
Indicators POWER: red + blue LED
OUTPUT: yellow LED
Security Web admin user/pass
SMS authorization by calling number
Dimensions 140 x 65 x 55mm(92mm w/ plug)
Weight 200g
Operation humidity max. 80%, non-condensing
Operation temperature -10 to +50°C

Product features

  • turn on / off, restart
  • independent scheduled power control
  • on event power control
  • control over WEB browser, SMS and phone call
  • monitoring over WEB browser
  • power outage monitoring
  • IP watchdog , up to three IP rules
  • simple SMS PING diagnostics
  • three notification alarm numbers
  • phone number security list
  • secured WEB admin interface
  • activity log – power socket events, firmware upgrades, ethernet status, power up/down
  • firmware upgrades over web admin interface
  • xml data file with monitored info


IQsocket product family uses following ordering code system:

X is electric standard of socket/plug: F=Schuko , E=French, G=British, B=USA, I-Australia/New Zealand, J-Switzerland, L-Italy, A-Japan, North America