IQsocket RS232

Noone doubt in this information age, that communication technologies help us with everyday life. Communication skills are more and more required at devices, which had no networking features in the past. Intelligent power socket IQsocket IQSW-RS232 is a member of wide portfolio of intelligent power sockets which help to people perform many tasks remotely.

IQsocket products can provide:

  • Various communication interfaces
  • Various output power sockets
  • Sockets and plugs for different countries
  • Various input/output interfaces

Intelligent power socket IQsocket IQSW-RS232 control otput power socket different ways on serial RS232 interface. Power can be controlled manually by serial commands or automatically when the event is present.

In general we can control output power socket different ways:

  • Turning on/off manually by AT command
  • Restarting on serial interface inactivity (Watchdog feature)
  • Manual restarting by AT command