IQtronic IQTD-GS440

IQtronic IQTD-GS440 DIN rail GSM power controller/ gateway

is a highly sophisticated GSM smart controller intended tocontrol electrical appliances connected to device’s output power socket by
sending SMS messages and making calls to device’s SIM card number by means of a mobile phone. IQTD-GS440 can be also controlled wirelessly via
Bluetooth using IQcontrol software terminal. An interactive voice self service (IVR) is another way to control your device

Controlled by phone, tablet or computer according to collected information from external sensors. Easily over SMS, phonecall or Bluetooth.

 M2M as GET or SET XML was added for easy collecting and transfering measured data to cloud.

IVR data files is the compatible with older IQTD-GS400



  • Two 230V switched power relay outputs with the maximum current
    capacity of 16A – resistance load.
  • Two DC switched outputs up 40VDC with 6A, it can also be set as PWM
    outputs – LED bulbs, FANs, e.g.
  • Two independent powered and monitored inputs: 230VAC and DC up
    24VAC/VDC with alarm SMS alerts for power fail/restore.
  • SIM card and SD card (not supported in this time) is inserted from front panel.
  • Back up battery (not included) as option – LiPol/LiIon cell 3.7V size 14500
    easy inserted throught front panel with precise monitoring status:
    inserted, charging, charged and its capactity in case of power fail.
  • Turning electrical appliances on and off by SMS messages or by making a
    call to device’s internal SIM card number.
  • GPRS M2M function, TCPIP get for directly send inputs status to server
    (for example Thingspeak), also for get XML status from server to set
    device’s outputs.
  • Automatical control: turning electrical appliances on and off at
    predermined time by means of a scheduler or at a user-specific time.
  • Sending automatically an alert on power failure and restore.
  • Restarting appliances, such as servers.
  • Monitoring the external input status: Two A/D inputs – monitoring
    electric fences and AC/DC voltages with autodetect, 4 digital inputs
    DIN1, DIN2, DIN3, DIN4 for DC voltage.
    One universal bus for temperature and humidity sensors.
  • Thermostat function.
  • Alarm function: temperature alarm, humidity alarm, A/D, or change at
    digital inputs, power failure, power restore.
  • Alarm in case of a GSM signal jamming.
  • Up to 12 alarm numbers, each of the numbers can be set for a different
  • Up to 1000 authotized users and 2 Admin numbers.


Let’s imagine : you are coming to your apartment and wishing to turn on aircondition just before arrival | it’s -5º Celsius and your wireless device on 35m tower just died and has to be restarted | you went to vacation and forgot to turn off flat-iron? | Temperature passed over +40º Celsius and cooling system in your technical room has to be turned on.

Do you still think you don’t need IQconbox solution?

Access from everywhere

Intelligent IQ homebox can be simply controlled remotely by traditional phone, mobile phone , smartphone, tablet or traditional PC. Controlled by SMS, voice navigated phonecall, mobile phone comfortable application or PC.


Power status, power outage, sensor generated events and other 21 alarms are sent over SMS. IQconbox generate triggered alerts to notify user about events and run appropriate actions. Device has integrated battery for 6 hours of operation.

Control different ways

Two power outputs can be controlled remotely by user, built-in scheduler or an event. Power control consist of many optionable actions such as: turn on/off, switch, turn on/off for configured seconds, delayed turn on/off, actions scheduling and more.

Expandable with sensors

Power controller support many optional sensors to monitor environment and generate alarms on preconfigured events. Supported are external sensors like temperature / humidity / motion / smoke / gas detectors / door switch and more.

Technical parameters

Input power 100V – 240VAC/15mA or 12-24 VDC/VAC

or 12-25VDC/VAC

Power consumption 3W max
Outputs 2x230Vst/16A – resisitive load, 2xDC 5A any load

Output 1: relay, 230V/16A, Output 2: relay, 230V/16A
Output3: Mosfet 40VDC/5A as maximum, PWM available
Output4: Mosfet 40VDC/5A as maximum,PWM available

Output power 12VDC / 500mA not backuped by battery
12VDC / 100mA backuped by battery
Data interfaces GSM SIM socket – Plugin 3V, Bluetooth 2.0, SD card slot
Inputs one input for 8 temperature / humidity sensors
four digital inputs 0-30VDC
all inputs S0 compatible
one AD input 0-50VDC (30VAC)
one AD input 0-5VDC
Control and configuration SMS, Bluetooth, IQcontrol software or voice navigation
Indicators POWER: red LED | GSM: blue LED
OUTPUT1-4: yellow LED
DIG.INPUT1-4: green LED
GSM Quad band 850 / 900 / 1800 /1900 MHz

external SMA connector + 2dBi ant

SIM Plug-in 3V,

Control software for Android on Google Play – IQcontrol