IQsocket LAN

Intelligent IP watchdog

IQsocket LAN is instant one-socket IP power controller which allows you to control any electric appliance over any IP network. IQsocket LAN is controlled, managed and monitored over Internet browser or using SNMP protocol.


  • Turn on / off, restart
  • Scheduled power control
  • IP watchdog controlled power
  • Control over LAN network or Internet
  • Temperature monitoring, embedded sensor
  • High level of data security
  • Actions on alarm events
  • SNMP and web integration


Let’s imagine : you are coming to your weekend cottage and wishing to turn on heating over Internet just before arrival with your tablet or PC | your wireless technology on 35m tower just died and has to be restarted remotely automatically | You are an IT specialist and company server or other device stopped responding?

Do you still think you don’t need IQsocket solution?

Access from everywhere

Intelligent power socket can be accessed remotely over Internet by smartphone, tablet , notebook or traditional PC. Simply via WEB interface or by LAN/WAN SNMP plattforms or tools.


User can view or control power socket status remotely using by Internet browser or network monitoring tools. It has built-in IP watchdog which control socket’s output power or send SNMP alarms/traps to notify network managers about new event.

Control different ways

Power socket can be controlled manually by user, by built-in scheduler or on watchdog event. Power control consist of optionable actions such as: turn on/off and turn off for preconfigured time in seconds (restart).

IP watchog

Network IP watchdog provides an option to interrupt socket’s output power for few seconds (called also reboot). With this feature – network operators are able to reboot their network devices automatically after they stop responding ICMP packets according to pre-configured rules.

Besides controlling of the socket via web interface, IQsocket LAN is equipped with a choice of useful functions, including:

  • Push button for manual control of the socket
  • IP Watchdog function based on evaluation of ICMP packet loss
  • Time scheduler function, allowing switching on/off your appliance based on day of week and time.

Technical parameters

Input power socket 90 – 250V / 50Hz
Power consumption 3W
Output power socket 230V / 16A / 50Hz, switching relay 30A
Data interfaces 10BaseT Ethernet with surge protector, RJ-45
Control and configuration HTTP web management interface, SNMPv1.0, Manual control using push button
Indicators POWER: red LED
OUTPUT: yellow LED
Security Web admin account – web management
SNMP read/write community passwords
Dimensions 140 x 65 x 55mm(92mm w/ plug)
Weight 200g
Operation humidity max. 80%, non-condensing
Operation temperature -10 to +50°C

Product features

  • Controlling (turn on, turn off; restart by cutting power for short time) of any electric appliance connected to the switched socket by HTTP and SNMP protocols or manually by pressing push button on device
  • Configuring IQTS-IP200 parameters by HTTP or SNMP protocols, password protected
  • XML and HTML status page, can be excluded from password protection, for easier integration with your web applications
  • Can send SNMP traps
  • configuration utility allowing to autodiscovery your IQsocket devices within LAN network, setup IP address and upgrade firmware
  • Automatic control based on evaluation of ICMP packet loss with up to three independent rules – IP watchdog function
  • Automatic control based on day of week and time – scheduler function
  • Real time clock synchronized using NTP protocol
  • On board temperature sensor to monitor internal temperature
  • Support remote firmware upgrade
  • Event log storing up to last 100 events, such as socket on/off changes, device startups, LAN port connectivity, firmware upgrade etc.
  • Tiny footprint firmware is efficiently coded in C/assembler, there is no Linux or other operating system inside, so startup times are really short (<3sec) and tcpip stack is clean with no hidden bugs.