New generation of sensors

We are introducing new generation of weather sensors for IQsocket and IQconbox products. Now you can simply turn IQtronic products to powerful indoor or outdoor weather station which is smallest in the world. And still in very attractive price.3sensors-150x

Miniaturized sensors are able to measure following environmental parameters:

  • temperature
  • relative humidity
  • absolute humidity
  • dew point
  • absolute pressure
  • altitude

Sensors are very unique thanks to:

  • Ultra thin casing
  • Attractive metallic design
  • IQsocket, IQconbox and IQboard compatible
  • high accuracy
  • external enclosure not influenced by electronics
  • possible sensor extension up to 10m
  • 1-wire proprietary standard
  • technical documentation for 3rd party product integrations

In combination with IQtronic controllers you can have smallest meteo station in the world.

Sensor Silver Sensor Titan Black Sensor Gold
sensor-silver-101px sensor-titan-black-150px  sensor-gold-150px
temperature temperature
relative humidity
dew point
relative humidity
dew point