IQtronic History

September, 2015

Introduced new generation of IQ power controllers under IQsocket, IQconbox and IQboard sub-brands.  We simplified product range into few expandable models and introduced software upgrade policies to become leaders in EU market.

April, 2015

Decision to keep all new products on stock in basic volumes. Improved stability, decreased consumer’s pricing, added new uncompetitive technical features.

2012 – 2014

Company switched to custom HW/SW development for few international partners in ISP and banking sectors and started to develop new IQ power controllers. Invested also into own manufacturing technologies.


Competitors identified market, was fast with copying idea and products and realized quite bad copies including Finish partner and Chinese GSM manufacturer. Instead of competition fight we planned development of cheaper and technically sophisticated IQ products. Company changed to international name IQtronic.


First international pre-orders from GSM operators almost from all continents, re-branded products. Company started discussions with few new partners interested in product re-branding. Manufacturing partner failed with on-time deliveries and quality control. Company gently cancelled pre-orders and started to concentrate to own manufacturing facility. IQtronic bought IQsocket brand from partner.


Sales / marketing partnership with NETCONS, s.r.o. to introduce products in other countries under IQsocket brand.
Target markets: Europe, GSM operators, Internet providers, SOHO security

2005 – 2008

Complex power socket product divided into more price optimized products – power socket controlled over Internet and power socket controlled by SMS.
Target markets: Czech and Slovak republic, Internet providers


Developed and introduced first complex power socket controlled by SMS(GSM) and Internet(LAN/IP). Company was first in international market with Intelligent power socket.
Target markets: Czech and Slovak republic, Internet providers


Established company Mikrovlny s.r.o.