IQsocket IQSW-GSMRFL allows you to control of any appliance connected to the device’s socket remotely over GSM network. You can use for this purpose any mobile phone or even fixed-line telephone, simply by calling to, or by sending SMS to the number of SIM card inserted of your IQsocket IQSW-GSMRFL.

Besides controlling of the power, IQsocket IQSW-GSMRFL is equipped with a variety of useful functions, including:

  • Remote monitoring of environment  using wirelessly connected auxiliary external sensors from IQsensor family
  • Remote  control of other appliances using wirelessly connected auxiliary external power socket switches  IQSW-RFL
  • Time scheduler
  • Temperature and Power Lost alarms with SMS alerts

Family of supported wireless accessories will include:

  • IQsensor SM-TMP-RF Wireless temperature sensor with magnetic door contact
  • IQkeyfob IQWK-RF  Wireless control keyfob 1)
  • IQdongle IQWD-RF  Wireless USB dongle, allowing to control of wireless sockets and upgrade firmware from a PC
  • IQsocket IQSW-RFL  Wireless switched socket,  aka “passive” (non-GSM) socket