In general, IQsocket IQSW-GSM has following features:

  • Controlling (turn on, turn off; turn on/off for a specified time; restart by cutting power for short time) of any electric appliances connected to the two independent switched power relay outputs by SMS; by call; or manually by pressing push button located on IQSD-GSM housing
  • Sending SMS alarm alerts to user, based on temperature levels, state of inputs, power lost and restored events.
  • Sending informational status SMS messages to user
  • Providing status of switched outputs by SMS upon SMS request
  • Sending status of embedded 7 resettable counters, counting number of changes of outputs, inputs, push buttons, power supply lost and GSM signal lost events
  • Sending current values of user-configured IQSD-GSM parameters upon SMS request
  • Configuring IQSD-GSM parameters simply by sending SMS commands
  • Time scheduler function, allowing switching on/off/restart of your appliance and sending status SMS message based on day of week and time.
  • Listening of sound from surrounding environment using integrated microphone by call (tapping)