IQsocket IQSB-GSM900-TH allows you to control any electric appliances connected to the device’s two power relays remotely over GSM network. You can use for this purpose any mobile phone or even fixed-line telephone, simply by calling to, or by sending SMS to the number of SIM card inserted of your IQsocket IQSB-GSM900-TH.  Own power consumption is very low (less than 20mA at 12V) thanks to use of latching (bistable) relays.

Besides controlling power, IQsocket IQSB-GSM900-TH is equipped with a choice of useful functions, including:

  • Remote monitoring of environment  using on-board temperature and relative humidity sensors
  • Remote monitoring of status of two digital inputs, tailored to connect with external sensors such as PIR motion detectors, door contacts, water level sensors and so on.
  • Sending alarm alerts based on status of two digital inputs; levels of temperature and humidity; change of GSM BTS and decrease of input voltage below defined threshold.
  • Embedded 7 resettable counters, counting number of changes of outputs, inputs, push buttons and GSM signal losses
  • Time scheduler function, allowing switching on/off/restart of your appliance and sending status SMS message based on day of week and time.
  • Listening of sound from surrounding environment using integrated microphone by call (tapping)