IQtronic IQTD-GS440

IQTD-GS440 is a highly sophisticated GSM smart controller intended to
control electrical appliances connected to device’s output power socket by
sending SMS messages and making calls to device’s SIM card number by
means of a mobile phone. IQTD-GS440 can be also controlled wirelessly via
Bluetooth using IQcontrol software terminal. An interactive voice self service
(IVR) is another way to control your device.
This product has also a universal input to connect external accessories: up to 8
temperature and humidity sensors. It incorporates up to 130 implemented
SMS commands, but please note: advanced functions are permited under
licencies Medium and Full.
The size of device is 4 DIN units.
Exceptional features , low price, simply this device has no competition!

Sales price: 109 €

LAN IP Weather Station

IQWS-4000 is a Ethernet IP LAN weather station with STORM detector UV factor and embedded WEB server. Supported M2M communication protocols include SNMP, UDP and HTTP get. Unique features include:
● M2M protocol compatibility with previous model GIOM 3000 ● Compact size and clean design (IQtronic proprietary TCPIP stack) ● High sensors accuracy ● Passive Power over Ethernet (PoE) with LED indication and up to 48V range with class A surge protection ● Reset to Default button ● Detachable sunshield of TH sensor ● Modern, simple and responsible WEB user interface.
Measured quantities:
Wind speed – instantaneous, average and gust ● Wind direction ● Beaufort ● Windchill ● Humidity – relative, absolute ● Dewpoint ● Absolute or relative pressure ● Sunlight intensity ● UV factor ● Lightning strikes distance detector with last event logging including time.

Sales price: 190 €

IQsocket LAN+GSM

Smart socket is Intelligent power switch with premium features and GSM + LAN interfaces. Switch was designed to control appliances remotely by any phone, tablet or computer in smart homes, small offices or weekend cottages. Easily over SMS, WEB browser or phonecall.

Sales price: 120 €

IQboard LAN

Smart temperature and humidity meter with power controller for service providers and DIY installations. Equipped with two power outputs and two sensor inputs. Monitor and control power outputs over WEB browser or computer. Built in thermostat and hygrometer with planner, difference and equitermic curve. Datalogger with graphic visualization and data log.

Sales price: 39 €

Outdoor temperature sensor, 2m

Outdoor temperature sensor for IQtronic products. Support wide temperature range with high measuring accuracy.

Sales price: 21 €

IQboard mobile

Smart GSM power controller for service providers and DIY installations. Monitor and control electrical equipment over phone, tablet or computer. Using by SMS, by simple call, by voice navigated phonecall or Bluetooth enabled PC.

Sales price: 69 €

Pressure sensor Gold

Very compact 1-wire temperature , humidity, dew point, pressure and altitude sensor in compact housing.

Sales price: 49 €

Humidity sensor Titan

Very compact 1-wire temperature , humidity and dew point sensor in compact housing.

Sales price: 39 €

Temperature Sensor Silver

Very compact 1-wire temperature sensor in compact housing.

Sales price: 15 €


IQsocket IQSD-GSML is a member of family of intelligent power sockets brought to you by IQtronic, Ltd.

Sales price: 96,80